The table below provides examples of the diverse range of retail impact investment products available in Canada and internationally. The table is not intended as a comprehensive list of retail impact investment products.

Product Name (region) Description Minimum Investment (or deposit)
Abundance (UK)

Established in 2012, Abundance allows individuals to invest directly in renewable energy project debentures.



Calvert Foundation Note (US)

Established in 1995, Calvert Foundation’s Community Investment Note is a fixed income product that supports a diversified portfolio of social sector organizations and initiatives in the US and around the world.


$20 US (online) $1000 US (direct or via brokerage)
CoPower Green bond (Ontario)

Established in 2016, individuals can commit to a 5-year investment to re-finance loans made by CoPower to energy efficiency projects.



Community Economic Development Investment Funds  (Nova Scotia)

Established in 1999 in Nova Scotia, CEDIFs are pools of capital that are formed through the sale of shares to community members and that are used to invest in local business and social enterprise.


Minimum set by each fund (often $1000 -$5000)

CSI Community Bond – ISSUE 1 (Ontario)

In 2010, CSI raised $2 million to finance the purchase a building in Toronto as part of its co-working model.



CSI Community Bond – ISSUE 2 (Ontario)

In 2015, CSI raised over $4 million through a community bond to finance the purchase of a second building in Toronto as part of its co-working model.



Desjardins Priority Terra Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)

The 3- and 5- year GIC offers investors a 100% guarantee of principal. The return is linked to performance of companies in the portfolio that have been selected because of their demonstrated commitment to the environment.



Dutch Green Funds Scheme (Netherlands)

Established in 1995, the green funds scheme allows retail investors to invest in funds managed by banks, specifically directed at qualifying green projects, such as renewable energy, conservation, and organic farmland.


Essex Social impact bond (UK)

Launched in 2013, the social impact bond aimed to improve outcomes for vulnerable 11–16–year–olds in Essex who are at risk, due to behavioural problems or family breakdown. The bond was open to retail investors.



French Solidarity Funds (France)

Since 2001, corporate pension plans in France are required to provide employees the option to invest a portion (currently up to 10%) of employee savings schemes to unlisted solidarity organizations (i.e., social impact organizations).


10% of pension savings schemes

Golden Lane Housing Charity Bond

In 2013, the charity bond was used to raised £10 million to build 30 homes for 100 of the charitable organization’s tenants. In 2014, a further £11million was raised through listed bond offered on a new charity bond platform.



Green energy bonds (UK)

Three eco-bonds were launched in 2010, 2011 and 2015. The green energy bond offers a fixed–return opportunity to individual and corporate retail investors. Funds invested in the bond are used to purchase land for green energy projects, such as wind turbines.



Jubilee Fund Investment Certificate (Manitoba)

Established in 2000, the certificate is a retail product that individuals or organizations can purchase for 3- or 5- year terms. Assiniboine Credit Union administers the certificates. The capital is placed in an interest bearing account, which is used to secure loans for community economic development (CED) projects.


$1000 (Global)

Established in 2005. Individuals can provide loans on-line. Kiva works with microfinance institutions around the world to provide loans to people without access to traditional banking systems.



Montreal Community Loan Fund (Quebec)


Established in 1987, the fund pools investments, including from individuals, and provides accessible loans to individuals living on a low income and to community organizations that do not have access to traditional forms of finance.


Oikocredit Global Impact GIC MSCU (Ontario)

Established in 2015, the GIC product provides individual members of the MSCU with an opportunity to participate in international global development finance investments through Oikocredit International.



Québec solidarity funds

Québec Solidarity investments offer a unique opportunity for retail investors to invest in local social economy businesses and initiatives such as social housing. There are several funds available to investors in the province. An example of a solidarity funds is Placement à rendement social.


Resilient Capital Program – Vancity Credit Union (British Columbia)

Established in 2011, the program allows retail and accredited investors to invest in a long-term deposit product that is used to make debt and equity investments in eligible social enterprises and blended-value businesses.



RSF Social Finance Investment Note (US)

Established in 2006, RSF’s Social Investment Fund pools investments, and uses the money to finance non-profit organizations and social enterprises.


$1000 (US)

Saint John Community Loan Fund (New Brunswick)

Established in 1999, the loan fund pools individual investments and uses them to provide loans to people in the community that want to start businesses, return to work, or secure housing.



Shared World Fixed Term Deposit – Vancity (British Columbia)

Vancity uses member deposits in the product to provide lending capital for the micro-finance sector operating in poor areas of the world.



SolarShare (Ontario)

The 5-year and 15-year term community bonds are secured by SolarShare’s assets and revenue stream, and are backed by 20-year contracts with the Province of Ontario. The funds are invested directly in solar projects.



TriLinc Global Investment Fund (Global)

TriLinc was established in 2008. The Fund provides growth stage loans and trade finance to established small and medium sized enterprises in markets where access to affordable finance is limited.


$2000 (US)

Triodos Fair Share Fund (Netherlands)

Established in 2002, the Fund provides capital to financial institutions that demonstrate a sustainable approach toward providing financial services to under-served client groups, and to renewable energy and sustainable agriculture projects.


Unleashing Local Capital (Alberta)

Established in 2012, Alberta Opportunity Development Co-operatives pool individual investor’s capital to finance business development.


Minimum set by each Co-operative
ZooShare (Ontario)

First offered in 2015, 5-year term bond is used to finance a biogas plant that recycles manure and local food waste into renewable power for Ontario residents.



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