Retail Impact Investing Guidebook for Credit Unions

As impact investing gains traction globally and across Canada, retail impact investing presents an emerging and untapped set of opportunities for credit unions.

Credit unions are well-positioned to use retail impact investing to differentiate themselves from other financial institutions, to provide innovative product opportunities for their existing members, to attract new members seeking to integrate social considerations in investment decisions, and to strengthen their link to their mission.


This guidebook highlights an opportunity for credit unions to engage further in the impact investing sector by addressing a gap that exists in the retail impact investing market in Canada.

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Definitions and Trends

Retail impact investment products can take many different forms, and are placed along a spectrum of impact investment and social finance.

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Opportunities and Challenges

There is an opportunity for retail impact investing products to be central to the mission of credit unions by providing options for current or prospective members.

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Case Studies of Products

Six product profiles of well-known Canadian and American retail impact investment products are profiled, which reviews objectives, structures, lessons and implications.

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Product Development Roadmap

The guidebook provides a detailed roadmap for credit unions seeking to create and to deploy their own retail impact investing products.

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Lessons and Priorities

The guidebook reviews lessons from successful models, and provides a set of priorities to catalyze retail impact investing within the credit union sector.

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