Rally Assets and the Canadian Credit Union Association have partnered to create a guidebook on retail impact investing for credit unions. This guidebook highlights an opportunity for credit unions to address a gap that exists in the retail impact investing market in Canada, and provides a roadmap for credit unions seeking to design retail impact investing products.

A special thank you to the funders: Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC); Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) and CCUA members, including: Affinity Credit Union, Alterna Savings and Credit Union, Assiniboine Credit Union, Conexus Credit Union, DUCA Financial Services Credit Union, Libro Credit Union, Mennonite Savings & Credit Union, Meridian Credit Union, Servus Credit Union and Vancity Credit Union.

Thank you to our interviewees and experts: Phil Caroe (Allia); Heather Simpson, Teresa Provenzano (Alterna Savings and Credit Union); Nigel Mohammed (Assiniboine Credit Union); Jenn Pryce, Katherine St. Onge (Calvert Foundation); Chelsea Longaphy, Leah Pollock (Centre for Social Innovation); Trish Nixon (CoPower); Doug Pawson (IIPC Fellow), Mark good speech topics deMedeiros, Bronwyn Dunbar (Island Savings); Sucheta Rajagopal (Jacob Securities) Mark Adams, Rita Borthwick, Garry Loewen, Derek Paschal (Jubilee Fund) Liz Arkinstall, Greg McQueen (Libro Credit Union) Brian Barsness, Ben Janzen, Ruth Konrad, Tobin Reimer, Tracy Wagler, Brent Zorgdrager (Mennonite Savings and Credit Union); Alan Kwan (NEI Investments); Eugene Ellmen (Oikocredit Canada); Mark Herrera, Enrique Perez (RSF Social Finance); Andy Broderick, Garth Davis, Lauren Dobell, Andrea Harris, Mandeep Sidhu (Vancity Credit Union); Michelle Baldwin, Lina Bowden, Andre Vashist (Pillar Nonprofit Network); Patti Dolan (Raymond James); Jennifer Bryan, Matt Zipchen (Solar Share); Tim Nash (Sustainable Economist); and Rupert Downing (Vancouver Island Community Investment Cooperative).

Thank you to the following advisors, supporters, and reviewers:

  1. Advisory Group members: Vern Albush (as well as Donna Gehmlich and Mark Yip, Servus Credit Union), Liz Arkinstall (as well as Paul McQueen and Carolina Triana, Libro Credit Union), Lauren Dobell (Vancity Credit Union), Myrna Hewitt (Affinity Credit Union), Ben Janzen (Mennonite Savings and Credit Union), Sarah Rea (Meridian Credit Union), Brendan Reimer (Assiniboine Credit Union), Heather Simpson (Alterna Savings and Credit Union), Laurel Smith (Conexus Credit Union), Keith Taylor (DUCA Financial Services Credit Union)
  2. Credit Union Social Responsibly Committee
  3. Purpose Capital – Lars Boggild and Christie Stephenson
  4. Canadian Credit Union Association – Dominique Biron-Bordeleau, Kevin Dorse and Kate Martin
  5. ESDC – Carey Hill, Herbert deGraaf, Laura Macpherson and Saief Mahmood

Garth Davis, Eugene Ellmen, Ben Janzen and Chelsea Longaphy

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Authors: Purpose Capital – Karim Harji, Heather Hachigian, and Mathu Jeyaloganathan; with CCUA – Dominique Biron-Bordeleau and Kate Martin

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Editor: Stephanie Halldorson